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Why is antenna alignment important?
During the installation of your wireless network, antenna alignment counts. Companies spend millions of dollars to plan and design wireless and microwave networks. As you plan the coverage objectives, it is critically important that your antenna alignment is accurately implemented during the installation. Otherwise, it will result in coverage gaps, network performance degradation and loss of revenue.


It is equally important that the installers are equipped with an effective and reliable antenna
alignment tool. This gives you the confidence that installers performed the job as indicated on the RF design specifications.
What are the benefits?
• Reduces OPEX costs
• Guarantees field installation and RF Design match
• Maximizes voice quality & data traffic
• Improves data user throughput & KPIs
• Reduces churn
• Keeps your customers happy

Introducing the better solution!
In 2012, 3Z disrupted the industry with the 3Z RF Aligner, the world’s leading antenna alignment tool
for both panel and microwave antenna systems, accurately measuring antenna Azimuth, Tilt, Roll
& Height. Now we made amazing better with the new RF Vision.

Some of the Upgraded Features
• Mechanically Aligned with HD Camera
• 30% Smaller
• Rugged Design & Weather Resistant
• Protected with Rubber Bumper
• Impact Resistant Display
• Easier to Use
• 5” Touch Screen LED Display
• Embedded Augmented Reality
• Rugged USB port
• Connects to multiple constellations
• Multiple frequency technology

Smaller But 3x More Powerful
The RF Vision is 30% smaller than the previous model but it is loaded
with new easy to use technology.

Multi-Constellations & Dual Frequency Technology
RF Vision connects to GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU and GALILEO*

Dual frequency technology allows RF Vision to measure each satellite twice seeing a total of 174 satellites signals, that is 3x more than the competitors. This delivers more accuracy, faster readings and works well in high dense urban cities and crowded towers.

Built-in HD Camera
Never been done before

For the first time an antenna alignment tool not only aligns the antenna but it will show you where it is pointing.
It provides a line of sight image that is mechanically aligned with the tool.
The world around your antennas are constantly changing, RF Vision allows you to capture these changes. New building constructions, growing tree lines, etc. will degrade your coverage objectives and create unhappy
customers. Only RF Vision will allow you to see these obstructions and give Engineers ability to optimize antenna orientations.
We gave the tool sight, no need to guesstimate, the tool enables you to see what it sees.
This changes everything...again!

Easiest Antenna Alignment Tool to Use

HD Camera + Touch Screen View Finder

We embedded augmented reality into the 5-inch LED touch screen display, the tower tech can perfectly align the antenna by simply aligning the crosshair with the bullseye, that makes antenna alignment easier than ever before.
The touch screen display is responsive to the most common gloves, that means you don’t need to remove them even in cold conditions.


Report Generator
No post processing required, RF Vision will create a single comprehensive PDF and CSV reports for each site being aligned. These reports are easily retrieved over the micro-USB port.
Included in the report are all target and measured alignment data, site sector identifiers, along with line of sight photo validation, geocoding, geolocation, date and time stamp.


Designed with the user in mind
• Protected with rubber guard
• Designed for rugged use
• Sunlight readable screen
• Usable in all weather conditions
• Impact resistant display


What comes with the package?
• Everything you need to get started.
• Universal strap clamp
• Rugged designed hard-case
• Water resistant carrying soft-case bag
• Rubber bumpers for microwave antennas
• AC/DC Power charger & worldwide power adaptors
• 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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