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Hidden costs, hidden culprit

Even when turned off, appliances can consume electricity when plugged into an outlet. In fact, the loads from the "vampire" plug can represent up to 25% of its total consumption. *

Compliance and cost savings.
Many new energy codes require plug load monitoring in commercial and public buildings. Ironically, charging from a socket often accounts for a higher proportion of wasted energy in efficient buildings (up to 50%) than in minimally compliant structures.

An obvious and simple solution.
Though often overlooked, standby plug charges increase business costs while producing unjustified carbon emissions into our environment. Managing plug loads is an easy way to make an impact as the world drastically pursues reducing energy use across all industries.

Audacy plug-in charge controllers are easily implemented in existing, new or remodel construction to produce instant and significant savings over time.

*General Services Administration of the United States of America. Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings. (2015). Charging Nuggets plug. Retrieved from

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