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Audacy® Wireless Controls

Extended range motion sensor for ceilings

• Wide coverage range of approximately 1,500 square feet (457.2 square meters).

• Uses our exclusive maintenance-free technology.

• Detects movement through sensitive infrared technology.

• Uses relay commands based on intervals of absence or activity in the devices enabled by the system.

• Easily choose which groups of luminaires are controlled by motion sensors.

• No wiring required and can be placed anywhere.

C&C Wireless

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Using our exclusive maintenance-free technology, Audacy® motion sensors wirelessly detect occupancy and/or vacancy to adjust lighting based on preferences programmed into your Audacy Interface.

How does it work

Audacy Ceiling-Mount Extended Range Motion Sensors detect motion via sensing infrared technology and relay commands, based on absent or active intervals, on system-enabled devices.

Operating on the highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum, ceiling versions of Audacy motion sensors require no wiring and can be placed anywhere. Extended range version covers up to 1,500 square feet (457.2 square meters).

People move. The light should too.

Your inputs to the Audacy interface inform the system which determines which groups of lighting fixtures equipped with Audacy lighting controllers can turn on/off, dim or light based on employee migration throughout the day.

because time is money

As with all components of the Audacy Wireless Controls system, ceiling-mounted Audacy motion sensors greatly reduce installation time and costs compared to typical wired system alternatives. And you have absolute flexibility in placement because no wiring is required.

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