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Audacy® Wireless Controls

LVDC Luminaire Controller, Internal Mount

• Easy-to-install modules that can turn on, turn off and provide 0-10V dimming.

• It is used when a system cannot use a traditional Luminaire Controller (ESC-1000).

• To install: mount connection module through a knock and wire inside the box.

• Uses a convenient push-in cable termination for quick installation.

• Transmission of approximately 90 meters to the Gateway with extended range through repeater mode.

• Low voltage DC powered and operated on highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum.

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This low-profile appliance plug-in module is a major component of the Audacy Wireless Controls system. These easy-to-install modules can turn on, turn off, or provide 0-10V dimming.

How does it work

AC's Audacy lighting controllers operate on the highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum. Each uses convenient snap wire termination for quick and easy installation.  

because time is money

When a fixture cannot accommodate an Internal Mount Fixture Controller, the External Mount version can be used. Our electrician technician mounts this Fixture Controller to a junction box via a knockout and the wiring is done inside the box. A typical wired system is much more labor intensive and expensive to install.

Audacy Luminaire Controllers get your system up and running faster and can be modified over time with incredible ease. Luminaire drivers transmit approximately 90 meters  to the Gateway and with repeater mode enabled, the range is extended even further.

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