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Audacy® Wireless Controls

PWM & 0-10V Luminaire Controller, LVDC Grid-Mount

• 24V DC powered controller mounts directly to a DC FlexZone™ network

• It can turn on, turn off and provide a PWM dimming signal at a constant DC voltage of 24V DC.

• Operates on highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum and communicates with other Audacy system components.

• Approximate range of 90 meters.

C&C Wireless

Phone +57 1 300 4438

Mobile: +57 301 522 0033

Av. Cll. 116 # 23-06 Off. 305
Bogota Colombia

Aquilino de la Guardia Street No. 8, IGRA Building,

Floor No. 2

Panama City, Panama


How does it work

The IDEAL® ESCGRID-1000 PWM & ESCGRID1001 (0-10V DC) light controllers are 24V DC wireless lighting control devices that are part of the Audacy® Wireless Controls system. Operating in the highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum, the ESCGRID1000 and ESCGRID1001 are modules that can turn on, turn off, and provide a PWM or 0-10V dimming signals to a constant voltage 24V DC LED device.

The ESCGRID1000 and ESCGRID1001 install quickly and easily into the Armstrong DC FlexZone™ grid and offer the ability to control individual fixtures, if desired. The Audacy Wireless Controls system can be used to meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and CA Title 24 requirements.

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