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Audacy® Wireless Controls

Metal (Chicago Plenum Rated) Fixture Controller, External Mount

• Metal-coated connection modules, which can turn on, turn off or provide 0-10V dimming to an electronic ballast or LED ballast.

• Designed to specifically adhere to the Chicago Plenum Code.

• Approved by: FCC Part 15 and Industry Canada, UL 916 (Power Management Equipment), UL 94 5VA Rating, CCEA (Chicago Plenum).

• To install: mount connection module through a knock and wire inside the box.

• Transmission of approximately 90 meters to the Gateway with extended range through repeater mode.

• AC powered and operating on a highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum.

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The IDEAL® SCDMET-1000 Outdoor Light Controller is an AC powered wireless lighting control device that is part of the Audacy® Wireless Controls system.

How does it work

Operating in the highly reliable 915 MHz spectrum, the SCDMET-1000 is a metal-clad junction box insert module that can turn on, turn off, or provide a 0-10V dimming signal to a dimming electronic ballast (DIM). ) or LEDs. Additionally, this product is designed to specifically adhere to the Chicago Plenum Code.

because time is money

The SCDMET-1000 installs quickly and easily using a snap into a junction or accessory box and provides the ability to control individual devices if desired. The Audacy Wireless Controls system can be used to meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and CA Title 24 requirements.

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