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PCTEL's HB flex ™, IB flex ® and MX flex ® scanning receivers are precision RF test tools. They are used to verify and improve the performance of wireless networks around the world, including 5G NR, LTE, and public safety technologies. 

PCTEL scanning receivers support a variety of network engineering activities, including spectrum shedding, baseline testing, propagation model tuning, network planning, network commissioning, acceptance testing, competitive benchmarking, troubleshooting, and network optimization. 

They integrate easily with third-party software and are compatible with PCTEL's Engage™, SeeHawk® and SeeWave® tools and Infovista's TEMS Portfolio.

key features

  • 5G NR measurements.

  • 4G/5G Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) support (HB flex ™ and IB flex ®).

  • LTE, NB-IoT, public safety and LTE-M measurements.

  • LTE-LAA measurements (HB flex ™ and IB flex ®).

  • Wide range of mmWave band (HB flex ) and sub-6 GHz (all).

  • Field upgradeable Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture.

  • Simultaneous tests in multiple technologies and bands.



HB flex™

The HB flex is a highly flexible test tool for mmWave and traditional wireless spectrum. With 5G NR testing capabilities in the mmWave and sub-6 GHz bands, it can be used to clear spectrum or test 5G NR in conjunction with LTE, NB-IoT, LAA, Wi-Fi, and legacy 3G and 2G wireless network technologies.


MX flex®

The MX flex scanner is designed to benchmark and co-manage multiple wireless network technologies across the sub-6 GHz spectrum. 

5G NR and 4×4 LTE MIMO measurements make it the ideal choice for optimizing the user experience during the transition from 4G and 4.5G to 5G. 

The MX flex scanner  features simultaneous scanning for fast multi-technology, multi-channel measurements.


IB flex®

The IB flex scanner is designed for small cell and in-house testing, but also has the performance and accuracy needed for traditional drive tests. 
Low power consumption and hot-swap battery system make the  IB flex scanner a convenient tool for a long day of walk tests or interference hunting.


IB flex ® Lite

The IB flex Lite scanner combines competitive prices with high performance measurements. Supports most of the major wireless technologies used around the world in a single unit, including a wide range of LTE bands. 

The IB flex Lite scanner is also a lightweight and low-power device, making it a good choice for both walk and drive tests.

Tools and accessories

Interference localization system

PCTEL's SeeWave® Interference Location System offers an affordable, customizable, and intuitive way to locate and eliminate network interference.


Signal analyzer option

Available as a software option with SeeHawk® Touch. It allows the verification and commissioning of the Distributed Antenna System (DAS) with a specialized adapter.


We offer walk test kits, batteries, antennas, and cables for our scanning receivers.




Service guarantee for hybrid networks and services

Product description

VistaInsight is a multi-vendor, multi-domain service assurance solution that supports your digital transformation by simplifying hybrid NFV network operations, ensuring performance for the SD-WAN edge, and supporting your enterprise SLAs.

Key benefits

• Manage your enterprise SLAs on demand.
• Ensure the performance of multi-vendor SD-WAN networks.
• Accelerate and streamline hybrid NFV network deployment.
• Increase operational agility through real-time assurance.
• Ensure mobile performance of C-RAN and Xhaul.
• Supports zero-touch operations.

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