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Where Superior Mobile Network Experiences Begin

Don't assume your mobile network delivers a quality user experience, or that your connected mobile apps work everywhere, all the time. Know the status of it with TEMS ™ network test solutions.

The TEMS™ network test portfolio enables you to optimize mobile network quality and application performance by measuring the end user experience.  

For network operators, TEMS offers the ability to dynamically perform walk tests, drive tests, and analyze service performance under real-life conditions, indoors, outdoors, and around the clock.

For industries leveraging connected mobile applications for automation, remote control, and industrial IoT, TEMS offers the ability to measure and track connectivity and provides visibility into factors affecting application performance.  

TEMS solutions for:

• Mobile network operators, equipment providers, contractors.
• Connected vehicle, automotive, fleets, transportation. 
• Remote and autonomous control operations, private 4G / 5G, Industry 4.0, Ports, Mines.
• New devices.





Optimize the customer experience with reliable and deep network testing


Product description

TEMS Investigation, our market leading end-to-end network testing solution, allows you to test every new feature and existing feature on your network. This allows you to better understand the customer experience and to verify, optimize and troubleshoot your mobile network.  

Through our close cooperation with equipment vendors, chipset manufacturers and device vendors, we are able to use all major new devices (Mobile Phones, Modems, etc.). This allows us to quickly provide detailed subscriber (QoE) and network (QoS) information to enable you to make better network investment decisions.

Whether you're implementing a new network technology like LTE or 5G, rolling out a new network service like NB-IoT or VoLTE, or optimizing an existing mobile infrastructure, TEMS Investigation gets the job done right the first time. When integrated with TEMS Director, TEMS Investigation becomes a key component of your mobile network test software.


Key benefits

  • Support LTE-A, IOT, VOLTE, VILTE and 5G.

  • Take advantage of a complete solution with Planet, Geodata and TEMS.

  • Improve the QoE of your subscribers to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Accelerate the deployment of new technologies (For more than 25 years, TEMS Investigation has set the standard in mobile network testing software.)

  • Reduces the cost of network testing (Integrated with TEMS Director, you can optimize fieldwork efficiency, reuse network tests, and maximize the value of your TEMS investment.)

  • Implement an end-to-end testing platform.

  • Extensive portfolio of devices (Over 300, from over 30 providers, compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Mobile).

  • Multi-Technology.

  • Effective and efficient data collection (RF data, L2/L3 messages, IP information and service related information).

  • Exclusive measurement and control capabilities (RAT, Band and Cell, LTE Category, CA and Vocoder).

  • Service performance test (Advanced algorithms such as POLQA, PEVQ and PEVQ-S and how networks are affected by services such as Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, etc).

  • Powerful scripting (Support for the latest technological improvements in IoT networks (LoRa, LTE NB and LTE M). 

  • Convenient Indoor Measurements (Complementary use with TEMS Pocket and TEMS Discovery helps streamline measurement processes. Our backpack and tablet solutions provide additional portability.)

  • Flexible analysis capabilities.

  • TEMS portfolio synergies.

  • Test from a user's perspective

  • Adapt test scenarios to needs

  • Reduce time to market for new technologies

  • Maximize ROI

  • Easily transfer licenses with a unique, cloud-based solution (GLS).

Use cases


  • LTE Advanced (Technology projects for over 25 years, with features to test and verify everything from LTA-A, LTE-U, VoLTE and ViLTE implementations to LTE IoT and 5G, TEMS Investigation ensures the quality of your mobile network).

  • IoT creates new opportunities (Leading technology automation projects with global telecom providers and mining industry partners, creates valuable test and verification tools for IoT implementations in standardized networks (NB-IoT: LTE Cat. NB1 and Cat. M1) and proprietary (LoRa) IoT).

  • Ready for the evolution to 5G? (We participate in working groups that set global standards, just to help ensure your path to 5G.)

  • Latest quality measurements (Audio and Video Quality (PEVQ-S and POLQA) and data service with the most popular social networking applications (Facebook, Dropbox, Twitter, etc.).

  • World Leader in Device Support (TEMS Investigation continues to lead the way in device support, and is the only mobile network test solution integrated with genuine iOS iPhones. Capturing quality measurements from your network with real devices means you can deliver a better user experience, sharpening your competitive advantage).



The smart, lightweight test solution that gives you a head start on 5G

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Product description

TEMS Pocket is our premium portable mobile app network test solution with support for 5G scanners and various 5G devices. TEMS Pocket allows you to check, optimize, and troubleshoot your mobile network in environments that require portability, such as shopping malls, stadiums, offices, and other large venues.  

Its advanced testing capabilities, including the ability to support multiple devices and a scanner, provide the operator (QoE) and the network (QoS) with actionable information to improve the mobile experience for their subscribers.  

With over 80% of all mobile data traffic occurring indoors, TEMS Pocket enables you to plan and optimize your indoor and small cell investments with great efficiency. 

When integrated with TEMS Director, TEMS Pocket becomes a key component of your mobile network testing platform.


Key benefits

  • Learn about 5G performance.

  • Improve your indoor and campus coverage.

  • Accelerate new “indoor” deployments.

  • Compare the performance of your internal network.

  • Integrate into a complete testing platform.

  • Test at any location (Operators can easily test places such as restaurants, shopping malls, subways, trains, ships, event venues).

  • Multi-device measurement.

  • For all HetNet deployment.

  • Implemented on a range of phones.



Streamline your mobile network benchmarking campaigns

Product description

Become the model of network performance. TEMS Paragon is our premier Drive Test system, optimized for mobile network benchmarking projects. You can use it to compare the performance of multiple networks, bands, and technologies in sync to find out how your network performs alongside others.

Fully integrated with TEMS Director, it provides you with an innovative scripting engine, remote device control capabilities, turn-by-turn navigation, and innovative technologies to lower your operating costs and improve the quality of your output.

Whether you're a mobile operator, consulting firm, or regulator, TEMS Paragon supports the latest devices available on the market and gives you the depth of TEMS network testing capabilities you want in a robust, multi-device system.


Key benefits


  • 5G support (LTE-A, IOT, VOLTE and VILTE, and now we can check 5G radio).

  • Improve the QoE of your subscribers to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Get clarity on network performance.

  • Reduce the costs of your benchmarking projects.

  • Integrate into a complete testing platform.

  • Optimize your mobile network benchmarking projects.

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