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Manage your network test projects with real-time monitoring and analysis.

Product description

TEMS Director is a web-based service that allows you to remotely monitor and manage a fleet of TEMS probes. Furthermore, it links the data collected by these probes with thresholds that decide which tests should be performed.  

Our network performance management software helps you decide which work orders each probe should run and which paths should be driven to collect enough data. In the long run, this allows you to better manage your team, improve its efficiency, and reduce the need for highly-skilled people.

The TEMS Director helps you improve overall efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. It is an all-in-one solution for remote management and monitoring of a variety of mobile and/or fixed test probes, as well as real-time data analysis and reporting.

With TEMS Director, your team can plan and manage multiple network test projects across a variety of TEMS solutions, including TEMS Pocket, TEMS Investigation, TEMS Paragon, and TEMS Sense, all from a centralized web-based user interface.


Key benefits

  • Reduce your network testing costs.

  • Improve the quality of your tests.

  • Execute a comprehensive testing strategy.

  • Get real-time visibility into your results.

main features

  • Powerful data collection.

  • Hardened hardware platforms.

  • Remote management and analysis in real time.

  • Efficient workflow management.

  • The latest technologies and KPIs.

Use cases

  • Efficient benchmarking

  • Internal benchmarking

Create a baseline of multiple network measurements from the subscriber's point of view in one run, using up to 20 devices. Then compare the subsequent performance of the network with the baseline, reducing the total number of drives.

  • competitive benchmarking

To consistently provide a competitive network, it is necessary to regularly measure the subscriber experience across carriers, devices, and services. With TEMS Paragon's multi-device solution, MNOs and MSPs can compare more network performance measurements with fewer units.




Proactively monitor your wireless network services from end to end.

Product description

Make sure no subscriber is left behind. Implementing TEMS Sense wireless network performance monitoring maximizes lifetime customer value. Your mobile subscribers rely on uninterrupted, high-quality services. To maintain top-tier service, even during network upgrades, you must continually monitor your end-to-end network performance.  

Staying proactive means staying ahead of potential problems.

With our powerful network test and measurement software, TEMS Sense, you can implement automatic and remote monitoring of service performance from a variety of locations.  

Using comprehensive active service testing capabilities, TEMS Sense gives you complete visibility into end-to-end service performance so you can prevent potential issues and give your subscribers the quality they deserve.


Key benefits

  • Ensuring early detection and correction.

  • Reduce troubleshooting costs.

  • Embrace agile network evolution.

  • Improve your key customer retention (24x7 active service tests).

  • Early detection of problems.

  • Faster problem resolution (Continuous automated monitoring of OTT and operator services).

main features

  • TEMS remote probes for stationary automatic monitoring.

  • TEMS Sense to measure the quality and experience of the service (Voice and messaging, Data, OTT Applications).

Use cases

  • Automation of reversal tests of changes in the network.

  • IMS Service Monitoring.

  • Supervision of OTT services.

  • Ensure access and reliable service when roaming.

  • On-site service monitoring.




Turn your network test data into actionable insights.

Product description

To ensure your network KPIs are exceeded and your subscriber experience gives you a competitive advantage, you need to quickly find where and what issues are occurring in your network. With the complexity of today's multi-band, multi-technology networks, you need the tools to accurately and efficiently find problems and implement solutions.

TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry's most comprehensive network analysis and optimization platform for mobile network performance testing, giving you unparalleled insight into network performance as perceived by your subscribers at the device, application, and network level. .

This holistic approach is unique to TEMS Discovery, allowing you to lock in premium subscribers by ensuring they receive the service levels they demand, 24 hours a day, from any location, and through integrated voice, data and media services.

Key benefits


  • Quickly identify and resolve network issues
    Network problems are difficult to identify. You need to review massive data sets and analyze the data in multiple ways. Using TEMS Discovery analytics dashboards, reports, and RF diagnostic tools, you can uncover issues affecting your subscribers and quickly get to the root cause to fix issues. The result is a better subscriber experience and greater efficiency for the quality teams on your network.

  • Part of a complete network test environment.
    TEMS Discovery works with your favorite TEMS network test solutions, such as TEMS Investigation, as well as network test solutions from other vendors. TEMS Discovery is fully integrated with TEMS Director, enabling near real-time reporting based on data collected in the field using multiple test probes, as well as in-depth analysis of collected data, enabling you to launch the truly efficient support of an office data analysis team.

  • Enable deep diving into network test data
    When it comes to mobile network performance testing, you need to look at the network, services and applications to get a holistic view of how the network is behaving and how it is affecting the experience of your subscribers. TEMS Discovery allows you to drill down into any of the data collected during network tests, at the device, application, or network level. This provides your engineering team with in-depth analysis tools to troubleshoot the most difficult network problems.

  • Efficiently manage large sets of network test data
    Your network is getting bigger and more complex, but your team is not growing. Eliminating inefficiency in your processes is crucial. With TEMS Discovery, you can automate data processing functions, from importing files to running scripts, categorizing problem sets, generating and sharing reports. When integrated with TEMS Director, you have a real-time data analytics platform that lets you do more with less effort.

Key capabilities of TEMS Discovery

  • Automation.

  • Analytics.

  • Custom reports.


  • Dashboards.

  • Interior mapping functionality.

  • Geolocation.

  • RF diagnostics.

  • Driving test analysis.

  • EU analysis.



Improve the quality of experience and reduce costs.

Product description

TEMS™ for Connected Car is a connectivity monitoring and testing solution designed to provide automotive OEMs and fleet and transportation connected application providers with the visibility and data they need to effectively and efficiently manage 3G, 4G connectivity , 5G and the performance of mobile applications.

TEMS™ for Connected Car leverages our 25+ years of testing and monitoring experience for mobile network operators, focused on the specific needs of automotive connectivity monitoring, diagnostics and data collection.

Vehicle OEMs use our solution to improve customer satisfaction and reduce telematics-related warranty and recall costs. They also leverage the data collected to improve application design and improve the level of service they get from their connectivity providers, relying on Infovista, a trusted third party, to identify and diagnose connectivity-related issues.

Key benefits


  • Faster problem identification/resolution and reduced warranty costs.

  • Deployment deployment of connected fleet and vehicle applications with

  • predictive connectivity.

  • Improve connected fleet and vehicle application performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Maximize the benefits of vehicle connectivity.

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