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Build better RAN networks

Product description

Precise RF planning and optimization based on the most detailed data and highly accurate modeling is the key to completing your next network project on time and under budget.

With Planet, Ellipse, Geodata and VistaNEO get you the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of network engineering and analysis tools to accelerate your project and make a real impact on network quality for your users. Infovista's comprehensive view of RF planning and optimization through to testing means we understand the full lifecycle of your network like no other technology partner, enabling you to design and run your network across 3G, 4G, 5G and beyond.

Leveraging decades of network modeling and optimization experience, our solutions help you plan and deliver the best networks—those that reliably deliver the best performance, capacity, and subscriber coverage at the lowest cost.




In Wireless Network Planning, Accuracy Matters

Product description

You want to give your users brilliant wireless experiences that keep them on your mobile network. With Planet, our innovative RF planning software and market-leading network optimization solution, we give you the most powerful and accurate tools to plan, design and optimize your radio networks, across 3G, 4G, 5G and beyond.

With 30 years of experience in RF planning, modeling, and network optimization, our best-of-breed technologies make a real impact on network quality. And together with our Geodata product and TEMS network test portfolio, no other partner can take you through the entire RF planning, testing and optimization lifecycle.

The results are better network performance and reliability. Which means greater efficiency for your RF engineers and great user experiences that keep customers on your mobile network.


Key benefits

  • Faster introduction of 5G.

  • Better productivity.

  • Integrated planning and optimization.

  • High quality network.

  • Take advantage of a complete solution with Planet, Geodata and TEMS.

main features

  • True Multi-RAN Support.

  • Live mobile network planning offers better networks.

  • Excellent support for small cells and HetNets.

  • Advanced Antenna Modeling and Vendor Managed Antenna Library.

  • Designed for scenario-based RF planning and automation.

Use cases


  • Cost-effective design and deployment of 2G, 3G, LTE and LTE-Advanced networks.

  • Mobile Live Network Planning: Deployment of optimized small cells and HetNets based on an accurate view of the live network.

  • Network management: Manage the key asset, the range of the wireless network, efficiently.

  • Delimit, plan, implement and optimize LPWA networks (IOT - LoRa, Sigfox ..., NB-IoT, LTe Cat-M).

  • Get ready for 5G with early use cases and previous studies.

  • Public Safety LTE, P.25 and TETRA.



Plan, build and operate transmission networks to support 4G and 5G

Product description

Elipse is engineering software for dimensioning, planning and optimizing microwave links and wired backhaul networks.  

It is an integrated component of Infovista's RAN planning suite designed for 4G expansion and optimal deployment of 5G as well as other wireless systems.

Based on trusted engineering methods, Ellipse incorporates all of the latest ITU specifications required for accurate backhaul design and optimization.  

More than just a microwave engineering tool, Ellipse is a carrier-grade platform that supports the entire backhaul lifecycle, from design to optimization, and enables full automation of link engineering activities.


Key benefits

  • Proactively plan and upgrade large transmission networks in support of 5G.

  • Future-proof backhaul capacity for phased 5G deployments.

  • Manage combined wired and wireless backhaul networks.

  • Robust backhaul through simulation accuracy.

Use cases


  • Planning and optimization of the mobile backhaul network.

  • LOS and NLOS microwave link planning for large network deployment projects.

  • Efficient management of the backhaul infrastructure.

  • Small cell backhaul planning including NLOS planning.


Unmatched accuracy for an unparalleled user experience on your network


Product description

To design the 5G wireless network of the future, your RF engineers need Digital Terrain Maps  created specifically for use in your planning software.  

Infovista's Geodata wireless network design software provides an accurate simulation of the real-world environment for planning and optimizing wireless networks.

Unlike typical geodata providers, we create digital maps designed specifically for use within Planet and other telecom RF planning software. Our team understands the precise geodata needed to design networks using mmWave frequencies, as well as how to fit customer project requirements into their budget.

Geodata consists of four products: 
Skylines, Cityscapes, Cityscapes HD and Landscapes.


Key benefits

  • Take advantage of a complete solution with Planet, Geodata and TEMS (RF simulation, geodata and network test software).

  • Innovative specialized products for 5G planning

  • A global archive of geodata ready to use around the world

  • Better network models for better performance in the real world (3D buildings and trees in high resolution).

  • The right technology partner for your RF planning project.

main features

  • Clutter (Land Use)

  • terrain data

  • Vectors

  • building height

  • Ortho-image (orthorectified satellite image).

Use cases


  • Using the correct geodata for the correct accuracy.

  • Using GeoData for your project is an important step in ensuring the best possible propagation modeling results, which is why InfoVista offers products specifically designed to meet the planning needs of each environment.

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